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HEY, I'm Charles

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.

About why I did this page, it all started in 2009.

I was looking for opportunities to "work "from home" because I needed to be at home to support my wife and kids with something extra after working from 9 to 5, but I wanted to be there for them in their first years of life. I knew how important it was for them. But I also got to know that "Life Happens".

Coming from the construction industry, I personally didn't know any other way than to use my hands to work hard. But I got interested in computers in early 2000.

You'll get to know what I think about computers and laptops in this article: How to Create an extra Income Online using a Laptop (For Beginners).

So imagine how mentally challenging it is, besides the physically exhilarating feeling of waiting until the weekend to rest and still don't meet month's end.

Now, what I'll be sharing with you here are just a few things that will help anyone get started without investing a lot' but your time; which is your most valuable asset.

When I say that, I mean things that you Start even with a couple of bucks.

I mean just $7

And get to know is your commitment that will help you build your Own Online Busniess.

This training is about:

Always looking for ways to make it profitable.

And it will put your personal development to the test it's a mind_shifting experience.

Going from an employee mindset to the CEO of your life is taking charge of your life.

"You Execute as Chief of your OWN life; make that official."

Self Education is key.

Only YOU are responsible for applying the things that you learn. And you deserve to have that willpower to decide what, when, who, where, and how in your own life.

But You know what you also deserve?

The satisfaction of "Building" something that can help solve problems with innovative solutions.

But if you already know what to do but just want to connect. Go here

HEY, I’M Charles…

Now, let me say that maintaining a family of 5, after the crash of 2008, after I lost a job as inside sales, with great benefits... it is one of the most scariest and hardest things I've ever lived as parent and as head of family.

That pushed me to look many ways to earn money, like my best friend says: "You have work in a lot of things". And indeed, but when I was able to stop my life in 2020, that is when I came to realize that I was just surviving.

For a very long time, I was Not able to focus on a guide that will help me build a real online business , and my skepticism kept me far away from changing my focus.




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